Details of ‘Hunger Games’ production from filming permit application

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TV reporter Russ Bowen who is growing very popular among Hunger Games enthusiasts has been tweeting away on details that he has found out about the impending production in North Carolina.  His latest tweets give us some great information about the impending production set to start next week. He got these details straight from the filming permit application in Shelby, North Carolina.

750 people will be on set #hungergames

30 trucks and personal vehicles will be on set #hungergames

Due to high profile cast and large crew need streets closed #hungergames

scenes filmed will be exterior #hungergames

coal hopper trains will be delivered by truck and a crane will put them on the tracks #hungergames

Filming in Shelby set for May 26-28 and May-June 1 #hungergames

Adding more!

A traveling caterer is providing all meals #hungergames

150 person crew 600 extras for two days 400 extras the other two days #hungergames

have requested 4 streetlights be removed #hungergames

traffic on some streets will be held in 90 second clusters of an hour at a time for each scene set-up #hungergames

To sum up, looks like the filming will involve outdoor scenes in District 12 with a LARGE number of film extras (based on the 750 people on set, that is a guess). What do you think that includes? The reaping? The send-off? Exciting!  We’ll keep an eye out for more details and fill you in when we know!
Personal note: I have worked as a film extra in the past. My largest job was on Iron Man 2 and our biggest scene included 500 people and it was GIANT so I expect this to be a MAJOR production!

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