NPR: What book will fill the Harry Potter gap?

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Newstation NPR jumps on the post-Harry Potter bandwagon in wondering what other series can fill the gap that will be left behind now that the Harry Potter series is wrapping up on film.  Guest Judy Bulow points out that the new craze is dark dystopian tales, first and foremost, The Hunger Games. You can listen to the full audio of the discussion here.

In addition, here’s a transcript:

Ms. BULOW: Well, Harry Potter was such a phenomenon from the first book to the last movie, and the website that is now Pottermore. I don’t think anything is going to fill that gap in that way for a while.

But there is a series called “The Hunger Games,” which is for slightly older readers, and it’s about a girl who must fight other kids her age for her own livelihood and for the livelihood of her family.

And it sounds like it’s very violent. It is, but the way the author has written it, it works very well. There is a movie coming out of “The Hunger Games.” It should be great. All of the Harry Potter movies were done with such quality, and I think “The Hunger Games” will also have that quality.

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