Actor Evan Peters talks auditioning for Peeta & Jennifer Lawrence

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Evan Peters from American Horror  Story recently took some time to talk with NY Mag where he dished on auditioning for the role of Peeta and doing a scene with Jennifer Lawrence.


He’s American Horror Story’s school shooter, rapist, demon daddy, and homophobic killer who should never be allowed near a fire poker again. And, yet, depending on who you ask, Tate Langdon (played by Evan Peters) is also the show’s heartthrob: He’s misunderstood. He’s protective. He wants to spend all of eternity with Violet. (Never mind that he’s insane!) We spoke with Peters ahead of tonight’s season finale about whether his fangirls are right in the head, auditioning for The Hunger Games, and lube.

You tested for the role of Peeta in Hunger Games, right?
I did, yeah. That was really cool; I got to do a scene with Jennifer Lawrence. I was nervous as hell, because she’s such a fantastic actress. And the movie is such a great story — I love all those books. I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m so psyched.

Have you seen the trailer?
Yeah, it looks amazing. And I love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s a total fox. And such a good actress. It’s ridiculous.

Were you as nervous for your American Horror Storyaudition as you were for Hunger Games?
It was so weird how relaxed I was for the audition. I wasn’t, like, freaking out or anything. I guess creepy comes natural to me — I hate to say that.

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