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There are so many potential actors out there to get the role of Finnick, so Hunger Games fan-sites decided to band up and introduce the fandom to new comers and established actors alike. Each week we will be discussing a new actor and why he should be Finnick.

Keep in mind these are just our picks and the actors we post about are not necessarily being considered in the casting process. However who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Finnick Odair fantasy casting!!

Here we go :

Meet Erik Odom.

Erik will be appearing in Breaking Dawn – Part 2 as one of the vampires, Peter.

Down With The Capitol:

Arianna: Many may not know who Erik Odom is yet, but I do. Sort of. I had the pleasure of meeting Erik last month and the first thought that popped into my mind “Oh man, this dude could be Finnick!” Erik has charisma and personality I have always seen in Finnick. People want a good looking Finnick. Erik has killer blue eyes, and sandy blonde hair. He admitted he needs to bulk up, but with a little dedication, that can be pulled off just fine. I think this would be a perfect match up because having a newer actor for Finnick would allow Erik to develop Finnick’s character as his own.

HG Movie Site:

Erin: While we are talking the unknown, and knowing Erik we think he would be perfect for Finnick. He is handsome, kind, loyal, and a ton of charisma. The man is new to Hollywood, but that is the great thing about a new actor, he can pull the character off without people thinking of him as someone else. Finnick is handsome, charismatic, radiates life, and has “self-effacing humor and an easy going nature.” All of those Erik possesses in real life, and could easily carry over to the silver screen. We’d personally love to see an unknown and someone who can bring passion to the role, and we think that even though he is very kind and nice in person, he can pull off the cocky side of Finnick. We know that Hunger Games fans have had apprehension over bringing someone from the Twilight Fandom to the Hunger Games Fandom, but that doesn’t matter to us. We think that this fresh face could pull of Finnick in a heartbeat.

HG Fireside Chat:

Savanna & Adam: Knowing essentially nothing about Erik Odom’s abilities as an actor, we’re afraid that our assessment of him as a potential Finnick must be rooted entirely in his physical appearance. And based on looks alone…this is not Finnick. Sorry. You have to remember that Finnick is a man who is so unbelievably attractive that hundreds of women (and men) are actually PAYING to sleep with him. Call us superficial, but who would be more superficial than the Capitol citizens looking to hire Finnick for his “services”?

HG Girl On Fire:

Lindsay: “I have met Erik in person and we chatted with him about the role of Finnick. He told us he thought he could defiinitely do it but he’d have to “bulk up” a bit. I agree that he’d need to put on some muscle, but he’s got the right look with his sandy blond locks and blue eyes. And I do like to think of Finnick as a southern charmer. One of the reasons I love Erik for the role is that he is a big Hunger Games fan. He discussed it on Twitter a good bit after reading it, and I think that’s an important thing to bring to the table.

The Hob:

Amanda: Having met Erik Odom a couple of times, he’s a complete sweetheart and has the charm necessary for Finnick, but I think he may be too nice to pull off Finnick’s cocky attitude in Catching Fire. Plus, the Hunger Games fandom has definitely voiced their apprehension for bringing on anyone from The Twilight Saga because it just leads to more comparisons between the two book-to-movie franchises. And since he’ll be seen in Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November, that’ll be on everyone’s minds as we move toward Catching Fire’s release.

Hunger Games Network:

Tanvi: Personally I hadn’t heard of Erik Odom before we began this discussion. When I looked him up though, I saw that he had one of the most anticipated movies of next year – Breaking Dawn: Part 2 – in his kitty. I was immediately struck by how much he resembled Finnick’s description, with his sharp blue eyes and mass of blond hair. I’ll also take Arianna’s word on his Finnick-ish personality. Overall, I think he could be Finnick as well as anyone.


Crystal: I’ve honestly never heard of Erik Odom or seen him in anything, so going purely by looks, I have to say he doesn’t look like the Finnick I’ve always pictured. While he’s not difficult to look at, the Finnick in my mind is on this huge pedestal and sadly, without anything to go on but photos, I can’t tell if he can pull off the pure confidence and sure demeanor of Mr. Odair. Then again, I just endured my daughter watching Taylor Lautner in The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl and if he can go on to be Jacob Black, well, then I guess anything can happen.

Victors Village:

Kait: I’ve only heard of Erik Odom very recently. He could be a fantastic, spot-on Finnick, but unfortunately it’s in my nature to be skeptical. Odom’s only big break so far has been Breaking Dawn: Part 2, in which he’ll likely have a grand total of four lines. We need to see him prove himself first. Still, if he turns out to be an amazing actor, we’d give him a try! Not to insult Odom, who is pretty dreamy, but I always pictured Finnick looking a little more masculine: not so lanky, with stronger facial features.

What do you think of Erik Odom as Finnick? Let us know in the comments!

Be on the lookout for next week’s Finding Finnick Odair, were we will discuss Armie Hammer, who is best known for The Social Network.



3 Responses

  1. TwiBetween says:

    I think Erik would be the PERFECT Finnick! He has defInitely got the physique for it! And the fact that he is a huge fan of the books is a big plus! :)

  2. Didi says:

    I was very close to meeting Erik last november but it was a sad epic fail. Just recently I’ve discovered thr Hunger Games franchise and fell in love with it and I immediately thought Erik Odom could pull it off. Sure, I haven’t met him but I did get to see him at the black carpet to breaking dawn part one and have seen his pictures everywhere. I already imaginned him to pull it off since he has sharp, sexy features and with a built up body adds a chery to the top. Suure, he can be a

  3. Didi says:

    (c) a sweetheart but this is the acting world, i’m sure can pull off a cocky Finnick. He’s on my dreamcast list.

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