Elizabeth Banks vs. Effie Trinket

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Alright FANDOM, we already know that Elizabeth Banks is talented, beautiful and professional. But, when it came to playing her “alter-ego,” Effie Trinket in the “Hunger Games,” Banks was dedicated, “fearless” and “tortured?” Wait…Don’t panic FANDOM, Banks was not really tortured, but she was dedicated to making sure that everything about her appearance was purposefully uncomfortable. From her wardrobe, to her shoes to the look of her skin. Read the whole article from Female First  to find out why. And make sure, in true Effie fashion, that you read the article with perfect posture.

[Banks] said: “Everything you see on Effie is purposeful, nothing is whimsical. As an ambassador for the Capitol I wanted to make it clear Effie is oppressed, so all her clothes are constricting, corseted uncomfortable.”

Source: Female First

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