Fan Art Friday: Haymitch

February 24, 2012 | No Comments »
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He may be gruff and mean, but we all can’t help but love Haymitch. He’s the subject of this week’s Fan Art Friday.

The first is by tasukisflame in deviantArt. It’s Effie yelling at Haymitch and it’s great!

Next, is by theintrovert on deviantArt. It’s the scene on the train in which Peeta & Katniss try to clean up Haymitch. Definitely not my idea of a great evening!

Next is by mary-chan on deviantArt. It’s Haymitch and Effie watching something on the Games.

And last, is by foreverWeasleyLover on deviantArt. It’s not Haymitch but it’s Katniss & Peeta having a laugh at his expense. I loved this scene! It showed us that Katniss had a sense of humor!

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Source: deviantArt (tasukisflame), deviantArt (theintrovert), deviantArt (mary-chan), deviantArt (foreverWeasleyLover)

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