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Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of the March issue of Delta Sky magazine where she talks about the Hunger Games , and not enjoying talking about herself all the time. You have to love Jennifer’s candidness!

Here’s an excerpt :

But back in real life, Lawrence is a 21-year-old girl surrounded by paisley carpeting and wallpaper in a stuffy conference room at the Four Seasons in West Hollywood. She’s wrapped tightly in a form-fitting black dress, with big gray streaks of eye shadow that only Tyra Banks would label “fierce.” She’s been doing interviews all day forThe Hunger Games, and with her arms crossed and her bare feet propped up on one of the hotel’s sturdy stuffed chairs, she seems like she would rather be back in the Ozarks, or in the woods bow-hunting for quail. Basically, anywhere but here, confronted by yet another reporter’s tape recorder, discussing a subject she’s obviously exhausted: herself.

“Yeah, it’s kind of like going to a dinner party and then the whole night everybody only talks to you,” she says. “And midway through, you’re like, ‘Oh, my god, I’m so sick of talking to myself and hearing myself talk.’ Nobody is supposed to talk about themselves this much. You just get bored hearing your own voice. And then you assume that other people are getting bored hearing you.”

“I’m having to suck in all day,” she continues, in her steady, deepish voice. “And I’m walking around barefoot because my feet hurt.” It’s 3 p.m., and she says she ditched her high heels just before our interview—this is the first stop on the ambitious press campaign for The Hunger Games, and it’s already been a long day. The hotel is swarming with the movie’s publicists, all of them sporting faux-brass mockingjay lapel pins inspired by Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy. In the series, the United States has become the ruthless dictatorship of Panem, a future dystopia that sees North America parceled into 12 “districts” in the aftermath of a devastating civil war between the 1 percenters and the 99 percenters (the 99 percenters wind up with the short end of the stick, naturally).

Lawrence is already signed up for the entire trilogy, along with her young costars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. And the movie is studded with more established names: Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland and even rocker Lenny Kravitz (who plays the role of Lawrence’s personal stylist). It’s a sure tent-pole hit with a built-in audience, and Lawrence will blow up as inevitably as her young Hollywood predecessors did—whether Harry Potter’s adolescent wizards or Twilight’s teen vampires.

Sitting with Lawrence in the half hour of her discontent at the Four Seasons, it’s not difficult to draw parallels between Lawrence and the character she’s playing, Katniss Everdeen, who is forced to endure a sartorial transformation of her own at the hands of Panem’s fashionistas. “It’s the way that it has to go,” Lawrence says about her real-life predicament. “You have to make the designers happy.” I ask her if she knows who designed her dress. “I can look,” she says, before awkwardly grabbing the back of her collar and wrenching it toward her face. “Oh, see, they’re not that smart—they didn’t even put a label on here. I don’t know. It’s black.”


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