Toby Jones (Claudius Templesmith) talks ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’

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Alt Film guide recently posted an article with Toby Jones talking about his upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman.

“People say, ‘Oh, which one are you, Sleepy?’” Snow White and the Huntsmanactor Toby Jones laughingly told If Jones were Sleepy, there’d be a good chance he’d never wake up.

“It’s very dark, the film,” Jones explains. “And we’re all kind of killers. So that was great fun. And the actors, the other dwarves, it was a great group of actors. It was really good fun.” His pals are Ian McShane, Johnny Harris, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Brendan Gleeson, Ray Winstone and Nick FrostThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2‘s Kristen Stewart, of course, plays the warrior-like Snow White, Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth is the hunter who becomes her ally, and Young Adult‘s Charlize Theron‘s is the Evil Queen who fears Snow White’s Beauty Power. Sam Claiflin is the (inevitably) handsome Prince Charming.

Regarding comparisons to The Lord of the Rings movies, Jones said about theRupert Sanders-directed fantasy adventure: “I suppose there’s a quest element to it. It’s very hard to judge a movie before it’s cut, but at the time it [felt] very, very dark and very unlike any other version of Snow White I’ve ever seen, which is exciting.” Agreed.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens June 1.


Source : Alt Film Guide

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