Enter to win: We are giving away codes to play the BETA version of The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook!

As we’ve reported before, The Hunger Games Adventures is a social media game that will be released on Facebook. We have had the opportunity to play the game and want to share the fun with a few of our readers, even now, while it’s still in the beta version.

In the game, you team up with Katniss to finish tasks, like building shelters in the forest and trading goods. You meet up with friends along the way (like Peeta, who is less than excited when you show up instead of Katniss :) ). It’s easy to lose track of time playing the game, as you work to collect coins, stars, and energy (little lightning rods). Check out the screencaps of the game below!

Work on your archery skills.

Work on your survival skills in the woods.

Rendezvous with Peeta at the bakery to trade meat for some of his bread!

Are you interested in being one of FIVE winners who will get to play the BETA version of the Facebook game? Enter your information below and we’ll choose the winners at random. Contest ends at 11:59 pm ET/8:59 pm PT on Sunday, March 25. (Note: To play, you must log in via Facebook.) May the odds be ever in your favor!

Be sure to head to http://www.thehungergamesadventures.com/ and sign up to take part in the beta, so you have a shot, even if you don’t win one of our five codes!

Once you have completed the form below, you will be redirected to our home page!


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