Thursday Throwback : Young Jennifer Lawrence before she was famous

In this week’s throwback post, we get a glimpse of a 14 year old  Jennifer Lawrence in these photos when she played the role of Shakespeare’s Desdomona.


According to the UK Daily Mail: 

She has seen her star rise very quickly thanks to the release of the hotly anticipated Hunger Games.

But Jennifer Lawrence’s acting coaches still remember her as an enthusiastic young girl hoping to make it big in Hollywood.

The 21-year-old strarlet can be seen as a fresh faced youngster during a showcase at her acting school in 2005.

Her acting coach at the theatre class, Charlie Sexton, spoke of the teenager’s desire to move to New York to pursue her career, even at a young age

He said: ‘She was inquisitive, eager, and attentive in class. I remember she did a scene from Othello and she picked it up very quickly. She learned really quickly. I knew she was going to go places. I didn’t realise it would be so quick but she said, “I’m going to do this.”

‘We didn’t get a lot of 8th graders saying, “I’m going to New York.” I got a sense that she was way more determined than most of the kids her age.’

He also told of Jennifer’s fast-learning abilities and how they would have helped her when it came to filming The Hunger Games.

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