Could Garrett Hedlund & Taylor Kitsch be the top 2 contenders for Finnick Odair?

May 31, 2012 | 2 Comments »
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Finnick watch 2012 is in full swing with lots of casting rumors and talk. Today, Hollywood Life is reporting that the role of Finnick has Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Kitsch as its top 2 contenders.

Just a reminder that none of this information is official and  should be considered a rumor.

According to Hollywood Life :

Finnick Odair won us over in The Hunger Games books, introduced in the second novel Catching Fire as a strong, fierce competitor whose love for Annie makes him all the more endearing. The casting for his character is being closely monitored by Tributes and we have the scoop on the final two actors in line for the part!

“It is currently a two horse race between Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Kitsch,” a source tells And while yesterday reports suggest Armie Hammer was also in the running, as well as a few unknowns, our insider says Garrett and Taylor are the top two choices. “The filmmakers aren’t scared of Taylor’s recent struggles with his movies, and he currently has the edge in gaining the role. They feel he needs the right role and this could be it.” But they still see the appeal of Kristen Stewart‘s On the Road costar, Garrett. “The filmmakers are eager to see ‘On the Road’ and see how it does, because if it’s a hit and Garrett gets some major buzz from it, then they will give him more of the edge.”

Our insider adds that Lionsgate execs aren’t worried about the next Hunger Games movie being successful, but they still prefer to have the bigger star for such an important role.

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