Khatuna Lorig Talks Olympic Archery & ‘The Hunger Games’

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Olympic archer, Khatuna Lorig, is competing in her fifth Olympic Games this summer, but last year she was training Jennifer Lawrence in the art of archery for The Hunger Games. Fitness Magazine interviewed Lorig about being an Olympic archer and helping Jennifer Lawrence become bow-wielding Katniss:

What qualities make for a medal-worthy archer?

You need a very strong upper body. Women usually use bows that weigh 43 or 44 pounds, while men use 49-pound or heavier bows. I use one that weighs 47 pounds.

Wow, that sounds intense to be lifting that during all of your training and competitions! Do you cross train to build strength and stay in shape?

Any free weight exercises for shoulders and arms are great, but I like to make sure I work my legs and heart too. I lift for about an hour, then finish with two or three miles of running. And of course a soak in the jacuzzi!

You trained Jennifer Lawrence for her role as Katniss in The Hunger Games film. Were you a fan of the series prior to getting the job?

No, Jennifer told me about the books when I met her. Then I finished them in three or four days! I didn’t know much about Jennifer either—shame on me! Three days in to our 15-day training, I Googled her name. The next day I came in and said, “OMG. You are a movie star!” She said, “Are you kidding me? You’re a four-time Olympian!”

Were you surprised by Jennifer’s abilities? And do you think the archery in the film seemed legitimate?

She was very motivated and technically very good. I do think it looked good in the film. You can absolutely shoot apples from 80 to 100 yards out [like Jennifer’s character did].

You can read the rest of this interview HERE.

Source: Fitness Magazine

In more Khatuna Lorig news from the Hollywood Reporter :

In preparation for her role as Katniss Everdeen in this spring’s blockbuster YA adaptation The Hunger GamesJennifer Lawrence trained extensively with Olympic archer Khatuna Lorig – whose real name sounds like it was ripped straight out of the film – to learn how to use a bow and arrow. On Wednesday, Lorig posed for a photograph to commemorate her collaboration with Lawrence, and to celebrate the forthcoming release of The Hunger Games on Blu-ray.

The Hunger Games has been a boon for the sport of archery, raising its international profile since the film’s release. In the photo, Lorig poses as Everdeen in a replica jacket like the one Lawrence wore in the film, complete with the character’s “Mockingjay” lapel pin.

Available on Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand and digital download at 12:01 August 18, The Hunger Games is one of 2012’s biggest box office hits.

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