Vote Katniss as your Favorite Character for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards!

Ok! It’s time to let your The Hunger Games fandom flags fly! The MTV Movie Awards have added a new category this year for us to vote on! Favorite Character! Katniss is up against some tough competition, including Divergent’s Tris who she is neck to neck with for votes right now! SO GET ON TWITTER, Instagram, and Vine AND VOTE USING THE HASHTAG #VOTEKATNISS, see more details and the rest of the nominees HERE!! Hurry Tributes! The Initiates are catching up!

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3 Responses

  1. katniss says:

    Amo thg

  2. Richard says:

    Everyone vote!!! were losing :-(

  3. Lauren L. says:

    Katniss is such a good actor it’s like…unbelievable! She really gets into her movies!

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