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Amandla Stenberg (Rue) snags recurring role on ‘Sleepy Hollow’

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Amandla Stenberg has landed a role in the hit new FOX show Sleepy Hollow. Amandla, who played Rue in The Hunger Games, will be playing the daughter of Orlando Jones’ character. From THR:

Amandla Stenberg, who starred as Rue in the 2012 box-office juggernaut, will recur on the breakout Fox drama as Orlando Jones‘ daughter, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

First appearing in the Nov. 25 episode, Stenberg will play Mae, the teenage daughter of Capt. Frank Irving and ex-wife Cynthia. Mae feels disconnected from her dad since he has taken up his post in Sleepy Hollow.

Lovely news! Sleepy Hollow is my favorite new series this season!

Amandla Stenberg to star in Robin Thicke’s short film ‘Mercy’

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Robin Thicke is going in a new direction with acting and directing with a short film called Mercy. The film will star Thicke, his wife Paula Patton, and our Rue, Amandla Stenberg!  The short film has already been shot, but no word as of now when or where fans can see it. From THR:

Based on true events, Mercy follows Tom (Thicke), a family-focused limo driver, and his wife, Cynthia (Patton), a woman who is plagued by alcohol and drug addiction. Patrick plays Randall Cross, a man full of regrets who cannot sit idly by as he is on the verge of losing his home after his wife succumbs to cancer. Stenberg plays Tom and Cynthia’s daughter, a talented violinist and former student of Randall’s dying wife.


Cast Project Round-Up: Woody Harrelson, Amandla Stenberg, Natalie Dormer, and more

Check out this behind-the-scenes image of Woody Harrelson in the studio, recording his voice work for the upcoming animated film Free Birds. [Hollywood]


Watch the new trailer for the animated feature Rio 2, featuring the voice talent of Amandla Stenberg (Rue).

YouTube Preview Image

James Proimos illustrates Suzanne Collins from their new picture book Year of the Jungle.

YouTube Preview Image

Stanley Tucci’s film Some Velvet Morning has been acquired by Tribeca Film for release. [Theater Mania]

Some Velvet Morning will be released December 10 on various cable/telco and satellite video-on-demand platforms, as well as on iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Playstation, and Google Play, followed by a theatrical release on December 13.

Natalie Dormer (Cressida) will be returning to the CBS hit show Elementary around mid-season. [THR]

Natalie will also be honored at the Savannah Film Festival, taking place October 26-November 2 in Savannah, Georgia. [Savannah Now]


Vanity Fair shares a Q&A with the Game of Thrones and Mockingjay actress. [Photo by Mariano Vivanco]


Huffington Post shares an art nouveau style poster of Natalie’s Game of Thrones character Margaery Tyrell. The prints can be purchased here.

The Playlist shares new stills and a behind-the-scenes image of Julianne Moore  on the set of Carrie, along with a new clip. 

carrie-julianne-moore1-600x337 carrie-julianne-moore-kevin-misher-600x399 julianne-moore-carrie-600x399

Amandla Stenberg Attends the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

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Amandla Stenberg (Rue) attended the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 27th.



Source: Zimbio

In the LA area? Come watch Amandla Stenberg play violin at the Genghis Cohen on September 6th!

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Amandla-Stenberg viloinThe multi-talented Miss Amandla Stenberg will be stretching her musical wings on September 6th at the Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles at 7:30 pm! Amandla will be playing the violin backing original songs by Zander Hawley with Maggie Ng on harmonies. So if you are in the area, go check her out!

WATCH A SNEAK PEAK OF THE SHOW from Amandla’s Instagram Here!


via Hunger Games Trilogy



Vine Video : A mini Hunger Games tributes reunion

A few of our Hunger Games cast (Jack Quaid -Marvel, Dayo Okeniyi-Thresh, Jackie Emerson-Foxface, & Amandla Stenberg-Rue)  got together recently for a mini reunion and posted this awesome video on Jack Quaid’s Vine. Be sure to click to turn on the audio!

Via : PagetoPremiere

Photos : Amandla Stenberg at Variety’s Power of Youth Event

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Amandla Stenberg attended Variety’s Power of Youth event by Hasbro & GenerationOn held at the Universal Studios Backlot on 7/27/13  in Universal City, CA.  Looks like she had a great time hanging with Kiernan Shipka!



More photos HERE 

Source: Mark Sullivan/Getty Images North America via :  Zimbio

Interview: Amandla Stenberg talks Hunger Games, charity work, body image and more

July 25, 2013 | 2 Comments »
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In a great new interview with Rookie Magazine, Amandla Stenberg (Rue) talks about working on The Hunger Games, her work with the Ubuntu Education Fund, what she’s into right now, body image, and more! Check out the Hunger Games related bits below.

What has been your favorite role to play so far?

I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, because my experience has been so varied. But what I loved about The Hunger Games is that it had a fantastic cast. It was basically like summer camp. We were all in the woods together for three months. There were a lot of pranks pulled and sleepovers and that kind of thing. It is kind of a rare experience where all the members of a cast like each other. There were no conflicts or anything.

My role in Colombiana (2011) was an honor to play. [Amandla played a little girl who witnesses the murder of her parents and grows up to be a hit woman played by Zoe Saldana.] I was excited about it because you don’t see that many powerful women in movies as lead characters. But to be honest I was a little nervous about it too, because [Saldana’s role] was also highly sexualized and all that. But my character was exciting to play because it was a very positive character. She’s strong and independent. She didn’t need anybody.

Was it weird to have your Hunger Games character made into an action figure?

[Laughs] It was pretty bizarre. The Hunger Games was one of the very few films I’ve made, and I got an action figure! It was pretty crazy. It’s really cool. I love to play with it with my niece. I like the fact that it is an image of young girl and it is not a weird sexualized action figure like you often see.

Oprah recently interviewed Alfre Woodard, Viola Davis, Phylicia Rashad, and Gabrielle Union about the challenges black actresses face in Hollywood. They discussed the lack of quality roles for black women as well as the criticism women of color sometimes receive in a hostile and competitive media landscape. At this point in your acting career, have you experienced anything like this? If so, what is your hope for the future?

With The Hunger Games, there was some drama over the fact that a lot of people didn’t expect my character Rue to be African American. So, I received some negative feedback. I kind of distanced myself from it because it seemed very silly to me. I didn’t really think I needed to focus my energy on it.

I don’t really check my personal mentions that much on Twitter. I think it is best to abstain from looking at them rather than come across one negative comment and have it stick in my mind. This happens to a lot of young people in the industry, and it kind of breaks them down. When [those tweets] happened I really tried not to look at what was going on. It was pretty shocking to see some of the articles that compiled the tweets I received. I remember calling my friend Jackie Emerson and telling her I wouldn’t understand all of the drama even if Rue wasn’t supposed to be black, and she comforted me. She told me I had to realize it was nothing personal, but it was unfortunately how society was reacting to the “shocking” presence of an African American actress. [Laughs] I tried not to let it get to me.

I’ve also been told “We’re going in another direction” when I’ve auditioned for roles, and the “other direction” turns out to be a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. I do agree that perhaps it is more competitive when you’re an African American actress. But at the same time, I can almost use it to demonstrate my ability, because since there are fewer roles for African American women, I can make a deeper impression. I can feel more special about my roles because I know I’ve worked hard to get where I am and I know that I’m one of the people who have made it.

In the future, I think there will be a lot more roles in this kind of new wave of African American actresses like Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington is really revolutionizing the industry. She’s a great role model for me.

Check out the full interview over at Rookie!

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