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The Hunger Games Exclusive Issue #2: New Alliances, New Missions

Issue #2


Part 2 of The Hunger Games Exclusive second issue focuses on an old character we’ll see more of, and a new character we’ll meet.

thge cressida & gale


Gale and Cressida help Katniss take on her destiny

While filming in Paris, Liam Hemsworth & Natalie Dormer spoke about their characters:

In Mockingjay, it’s all about new alliances. District 13 may be home base for our District 12 heroes, but the real action takes place on the front lines throughout a politically tumultuous Panem.

[On Gale & Katniss’ friendship] “It’s a fresh relationship because they are sharing the experience of being strangers in this new place with new people and a new situation,” said director Francis Lawrence.

[combining the new with the old] Come dusk, that connection felt more sibling-like than that of a movie star ensemble. The team had decamped from the set to their circle of temporary trailers at a nearby soundstage, but no one seemed eager to shut his or her door. Talk of hitting a cool new Parisian lounge ricocheted among the cast as they returned their costumes to the wardrobe truck.

[Hemsworth on Dormer’s first day] “We’re just talking about how we beat you up on your first day on the set. It’s the new cast initiation,” said Hemsworth with a straight face, as he passed her a fork and spoon. Dormer smirked and replied, “That’s right. Liam may have a charming smile, but he’s so mean.”

thge gale

Gale Speaks Up: A Q&A with Liam Hemsworth

thge gale 2

liam q&a 1

liam q&a 2

thge gale 3

liam q&a 3

liam q&a 4

liam q&a 5

thge cressida among the flames

Cressida Captures it All: A Q&A with Natalie Dormer

thge cressida profile

natalie q&a 1

natalie q&a 2

thge soldier cressida

natalie q&a 3

natalie q&a 4

natalie q&a 5

natalie q&a 6

thge soldier cressida & gale

You can see the full exclusive HERE. Man, I am getting so pumped for Mockingjay Part 1!! Up next: Meet the Rebel Warriors

Source: The Hunger Games Exclusive

The Hunger Games Exclusive Issue #2: Katniss Takes Aim

Issue #2

The Hunger Games Exclusive has released their 2nd promotional issue for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. And now I am in Hunger Games overload! Since there’s so much Mockingjay goodness, I’m splitting this into 3 posts. This first one covers the section “Katniss Takes Aim,” which involved an interview with Jennifer Lawrence and some pretty amazing promotional images.

thge katniss 1

Jennifer Lawrence on becoming the Mockingjay

Here’s a snippet of this first section:

“At this point, does she really have a choice?” asks Jennifer Lawrence. “It’s not just about saving the people she loves now.”

In a span of seconds, the actress shows disbelief, regret, and then anger—almost every stage of grief by acceptance. When someone yells, “Cut!” Lawrence sheds the emotions as easily as a cardigan. “Jennifer captures the strength in silence, which is a big part of Katniss,” says director Francis Lawrence.

katniss is a dream characterA Q&A with Jennifer Lawrence

thge katniss profile

jlaw q&a

thge liam quote on jennifer


thge katniss

jlaw q&a 2

one voice

thge katniss 3

jlaw q&a 3

intricacies of Katniss

thge katniss back profile

jlaw q&a 4


That’s most of the goodness, but definitely check it out HERE. Next up: New Alliances.

Source: The Hunger Games Exclusive

WATCH: Official Trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ part 1

It’s a BIG BIG day tributes! The  official trailer for Mockingjay part 1 has FINALLY arrived. So with no further delay, watch the trailer below  and ENJOY!!

Tell us what you think of the trailer in the comments!

BIG THANKS TO JOAN For sharing the link!

Lionsgate Auctioning Off Signed ‘Mockingjay Part 1′ Posters For Charity

Lionsgate is auctioning off five signed Mockingjay Part 1 posters signed by Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks and director Francis Lawrence. The auction is benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and runs until tomorrow August 29th. You can bid on them thru ebay!



Check out these awesome ‘Mockingjay’ Rebels Character Posters!

Oh my Hunger Games!! Wired has just released these awesome character posters or the rebels of District 13!!! Check them out!!

The latest installment is a series of slick “Rebel Warriors” posters. Readers ofMockingjay will remember Katniss, having been rescued from the Hunger Games arena at the end of Catching Fire, was taken to the underground enclave of District 13 to lead Panem’s revolt. These Rebel Warriors posters depict the soldiers and film production crew who join Katniss after she vows to lead the revolution as the Mockingjay (as seen in the film’s first trailer). There’s Cressida (Game of Thrones’Natalie Dormer), the propaganda documentary director; Gale (Liam Hemsworth), Katniss’ longtime friend and fellow Capitol-hater; Messalla (Evan Ross), Cressida’s assistant; Boggs (Mahershala Ali), Katniss’ bodyguard of sorts; and Castor (Wes Chatham) and Pollux (Elden Henson), who—if their characters follow the book—are brothers and Cressida’s cameramen.

Boggs Castor Cressida Gale Messalla Pollux


Read more at Wired 

Thanks to the Quarter Quell for the higher quality images!

Photo : Jennifer, Liam and Elizabeth celebrate 100 Days till ‘Mockingjay’

The Hunger Games tweeted this cute photo of Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth Banks celebrating the official 100 days till Mockingjay part 1 countdown! Who’s excited?

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.25.06 PM


Liam Hemsworth Nominated For Teen Choice Award

July 21, 2014 | No Comments »
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Liam Hemsworth has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award! He is nominated for ‘ Choice Move Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy’ for Catching Fire and you can vote for him daily here!


Via :

‘The Hunger Games’ Cast Round-Up featuring Natalie Dormer, Liam Hemsworth, and more!

See what your favorite cast members are up to this week below!!


Liam Hemsworth – Gale Hawthorn:

New still of Liam Hemsworth in Cut Bank, check it out here!

Julianne Moore – President Coin:

New stills of Julianne Moore  in Map to the Stars as well as DVD cover art!

Stanley Tucci – Cesar Flickerman:

Stanley Tucci to star in new show on Pivot show Fortiude, also watch Stanley’s interview about Transformers with Backstage OL!

Elizabeth Banks – Effie Trinket:

Elizabeth Banks dishes on the Pitch Perfect sequel with The Hollywood Reporter!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman – Plutarch Heavensbee:

Watch the new trailer for God’s Pocket starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman!

Then catch the UK trailer for PSH in A Most Wanted Man.

Lynn Cohen – Mags:

Our Mags was honored at Barefoot Theatre’s Company’s benefit, check out the photos!

Alan Ritchson – Gloss:

Alan Ritchson in the new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Natalie Dormer – Cressida:

Natalie Dormer was spotted at Wimbledon opening day, check out photos!

Patina Miller – Commander Paylor:

Patina Miller seen at the Bay Street Theatre Summer Gala!



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