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Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson Q&A on Quora

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Nina Jacobson recently did a Q&A with Quora. Here’s a few highlights :

bts nina jacobson

What’s it like to work with Jennifer Lawrence?
Jen is every bit as fun to work with as she seems like she would be. She is not a method actor, which means that she doesn’t need to stay in character between takes. She can (and does) go from being a total goofball one minute to delivering a jaw dropping emotional performance the next. Its kind of a freak of nature thing to watch. She’s very close with her costars and with Francis so she spends a lot of time just hanging out. She also reads a lot on set (like I do) and is always looking for a good book recommendation.
What was the decision making process for dividing Mockingjay into two movies?
We obviously talked about it a lot. There are obvious financial advantages to having 4 movies instead of 3 but we didn’t decide to do it until we reached a place where we felt, creatively, that we needed two movies to properly conclude the series. We discussed it at length with Suzanne Collins and came to the decision that the first movie would be about the propaganda war and Katniss’ quest to rescue Peeta. The second movie would be about a real war and Katniss’ drive to assassinate President Snow. Once we thought about it in those terms, it became hard not to see one movie as rushing through the ideas and storylines that we wanted to explore. We also felt that, in one movie, Peeta would not have time to truly be lost and then recover. We were afraid that, if we rushed through his story, neither he nor his relationship with Katniss would feel as though they were in any real jeopardy. We wanted the the end of Mockingjay to be emotional and cathartic and we had a lot of ground we wanted to cover narratively and thematically along the way. Ultimately, we felt we needed two movies to accomplish our objectives.
Do you have any funny stories or favorite memories from working on the Hunger Games movies?
We had so many laughs and great times making these movies that it’s hard to find just one. We loved shooting on location together as a group. We would go out a lot and enjoy food and music in Atlanta, Hawaii, Paris and Berlin. We had a bunch of major laugh out loud moments on set. When Peeta proposed to Katniss in Catching Fire on Ceasar Flickerman’s show, he dropped to one knee and split his pants while we were filming. That was classic. But, I also just loved the day to day of the experience. Sitting with Francis every day, watching dailies (playback of film that we shot the day before), talking about the movie we were making. I loved the script meetings with Suzanne Collins whenever we would have a major breakthrough. I just felt so lucky to be making these movies that I enjoyed a lot of the everyday moments as much as the big highs.
What were the biggest concerns about adapting the Hunger Games to a movie franchise?
My biggest concern was that the movies never be guilty of the sins of the Capitol. We had to walk the razor’s edge that Suzanne walked in the books where she was able to explore the consequences of violence and the exploitation of violence as entertainment without ourselves exploiting violence as entertainment. The movies needed to find a tonal bandwidth in which we neither pulled our punches nor commercialized brutality.

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HeyUGuys Interview our ‘Mockingjay’ part 2 cast

Here are the video interviews from HeyUGuys with our Mockingjay part 2 cast.

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Photos: The cast of ‘Mockingjay, Part 2’ hit the Madrid premiere

The Mockingjay trio sported demure sultry looks at the Madrid, Spain, premiere of the final installment of the Hunger Games series today! Check out the photos below.


Watch The ‘Mockingjay: Part 2’ Press Conference In London

Watch the Mockingjay: Part 2 press conference in London that was held following the premiere! We also posted pics from the press conference, which you can see here.

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Video : HeyUGuys interviews the ‘Mockingjay’ pt 2 cast at the London Premiere

HeyUGuys interviews Jennifer Lawrence  , Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Natalie Dormer, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Julianne Moore, Gwendoline Christie and filmmakers Francis Lawrence, Nina Jacobson & John Kilik are all interviwed at the London (UK) Premiere of their movie The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.

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London Premiere ‘Mockingjay, Part 2’ Cast Sound Bites

Jennifer Lawrence


MTV reveals behind the scenes secrets from the Berlin set of ‘Mockingjay part 2’

MTV took a tour of the Berlin Mockingajay part 2  and shared some really cool behind the scenes secrets.


Beetee’s weapons lab in District 13 is actually an old power plant.
The Kraftwerk plant, located in Köpenicker Strasse in Mitte, was the perfect location for Beetee’s weapons training facility. “The size and scope of this place you can’t replicate, so we wanted to find as real an environment as possible,” Lawrence explained. “It was actually quite difficult to find environments that felt like they were underground.”
The arrows were CG, and the flames were also added later, but everything else you saw in Beetee’s lair was built in Kraftwerk.
“It’s strange to come back here and find it empty, because for us, this location will always look like Beetee’s workshop,” Jacobson said.
District 2 is actually an old airport.
The Tempelhof airport closed years ago, but according to Lawrence — who used the site to film crucial District 2 scenes (there’s one with a train you’ll recognize instantly) in “Part 2,” and can be seen jokingly modeling above — the film crew’s use of the site had locals reeling. The city was set to vote on what to do with the airport site while “Mockingjay” was filming there, but since Lawrence and co. had to make the property look bombed-out to reflect the damage war had done to District 2, they (understandably) mistakenly believed that Tempelhof had been destroyed without their permission. “All the neighbors here started to panic that the building was being knocked down before the vote even happened… [they were] complaining to the local government.”
The crew came to Berlin because recreating its aesthetic onscreen was “impossible.”
According to Lawrence, the move to Berlin from Atlanta, Georgia to Berlin (and Paris) wasn’t due to financial reasons. Instead, it was “born from the need for real, immersive environments for the streets of the Capitol and some of the new districts,” he explained. “We had already shot a lot of ’Catching Fire’ in Atlanta, we knew we were going to be back there for some of this, but we knew what the possibilities were architecturally in Atlanta. We knew they were limited, in terms of the things we would need.”
“The incentives in Atlanta were much better,” Jacobson added. “This was a creative choice. The scope, and the monumentality to the locations here, we could not find in the states.”
Woody Harrelson once skipped a Berlin shoot for a Lorde concert.
When one German reporter noted that a major concert venue was directly across the street from Tempelhof — and that she’d bumped into Woody Harrelson at a Lorde concert there — Lawrence remembered that concert, since Harrelson had been late for filming because of it. He noted that Lorde came to visit the cast before the show, and that he would have loved to have seen it, but unlike Harrelson he actually showed up to work instead. Oops!
Germany was chosen for some obvious reasons.
Though both Jacobson and Lawrence insisted that the city was mainly chosen due to its architecture, Jacobson did reveal that “there’s a political context to the books that is never lost to the people who live here, so it was a very fitting place to finish the movie.”

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Round up of EPK Interviews with Hunger Games cast and crew



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