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Videos: ‘Catching Fire’ Cast Interviews

Lionsgate has released some interview clips of a number of cast & crew members to promote The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Watch all the videos below:

Jennifer Lawrence:

YouTube Preview Image

Josh Hutcherson:

YouTube Preview Image

Liam Hemsworth:

YouTube Preview Image

Sam Claflin:

YouTube Preview Image

Jena Malone:

YouTube Preview Image

Jeffrey Wright:

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Lenny Kravitz:

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Donald Sutherland:

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Stanley Tucci:

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Francis Lawrence:

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Nina Jacobson:

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Jon Kilik:

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Trish Summerville:

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‘Hunger Games’ Cast Talents

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We know they’re great actors, but what else can our Hunger Games cast do? NextMovie went on a fact-finding mission to see what other talents members of the cast have:

Jennifer Lawrence

She might’ve made her big splash in Hollywood by portraying a sober down-but-not-out Appalachian in “Winter’s Bone,” but Jennifer Lawrence is known to be quite the free-flowing chatterbox. “She’ll say anything,”according to co-star Woody Harrelson. She was even voted “Most Talkative” in middle school.

Not just blessed with gift of gab, Lawrence is also known to play the guitar, paint, knit and sing. And while she can’t whistle (director Gary Ross had to dub the four-note number for the movie) she did learn how to actually shoot a bow and arrow for “The Hunger Games.”

Josh Hutcherson

As with his on-screen counterpart, Josh Hutcherson has a way with crowds. He has no trouble commanding the stage and winning over any and all within earshot. Consider his acceptance speech at the GLAAD Media Awards earlier this year, for instance.

Like Jennifer Lawrence, though, vocals aren’t his only strong suit. Hutcherson can also play basketball, dirt bike, rock climb and compete in triathlons.

Stanley Tucci

In addition to acting, Stanley Tucci also has quite a number of writing and directing credits to his name (“Big Night”, “The Impostors,” “Joe Gould’s Secret” and “Blind Date”), and he’s something of an Italian maestro. In fact, his first solo cookbook – “The Tucci Cookbook” – hits shelves in less than a month.

You can read about the rest of the cast talents HERE.

Source: NextMovie

Fansites Weigh in on ‘Catching Fire’ Mystery Character

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Mystery Character

In last week’s installment of their Hunger Games Countdown, called for the predictions of the mystery character of Catching Fire.

Thanks to Lionsgate’s handy Catching Fire “Meet the Cast” Facebook page (which was up months ago but mysteriously came down this morning — perhaps for a redesign before more casting announcements?), we were all let in on a little secret – there’s a mystery character.

Some of the fansites predict who they think the mystery character (who is female, btw) will be:

Lindsay of HG Girl On Fire
There has been a lot of frenzied talk among fans and fan sites about who this mystery character might be, but I hadn’t devoted a whole lot of time to it myself. As casting news has trickled out, I have just been enjoying the excitement of putting actors with characters we know will be making an appearance in Catching Fire. However, after giving it some thought, I wonder if we might get an appearance at the end of the film from Coin. Introducing the leader of District 13 would be an excellent way to point the way to the third film in the series, Mockingjay, Part 1. As for casting, I can’t help but think of Joan Allen for the role. She certainly has the capability of showing strength, leadership and control (consider theBourne franchise). She’s a spectacular actor who could bring even more class to a star-studded cast.

Katie of The Hob
From the moment I noticed the unnamed female figure on the casting page, I had a feeling it was Annie Cresta. Even with such a small role in Catching Fire – with Mags volunteering for her in the District 4 Reaping and Finnick hearing the sound of her voice from Jabberjays in the Arena – there’s still enough for her to be in the film, even for fleeting moments. By adding Annie into the film they would be able to expand her role and possibly even set up the love story aspect before Mockingjay. At the end of the Quarter Quell, they could show the aftermath of what happens to the remaining victors and to Annie as the Capitol gets their hands on them. In all honesty, I don’t have a specific actress in mind for Annie, and I’d like to see an unknown get the role to launch her career.

Read the rest of the fansite picks HERE. Who do you think the mystery character will be? Maybe it’ll be the Avox girl we didn’t get to see in the first movie?


Important Minor ‘Catching Fire’ Characters

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Now that most of the major characters have been cast, has compiled a list of minor characters from Catching Fire that are pretty important. A number of fansites were asked and they gave their picks:

Perri of – Darius
Peacekeepers have a bad rap, but then again, so do a lot of people who are just doing their jobs. That’s why we desperately need Darius in Catching Fire, to prove that not all Peacekeepers are bad guys and to further highlight the cracks in President Snow’s administration. Of Darius, Katniss notes, “As law enforcers go, he’s one of my favorites.” She points out that he looks like he’s barely older than she is but is likely in his 20s, and has red hair and a smile that give him a boyish look. Can you say Jesse Plemons? In the Catching Fire book, Darius is also responsible for one of the most emotional and disconcerting chapter enders, the revelation that he’s been turned into an Avox.

Shylah of Down With The Capitol – Cashmere and Gloss
Cashmere and Gloss are the two victors from District 1 reaped for the 75th Hunger Games. They are the only sibling victors, and, both being classically beautiful and highly deadly, these two characters exhibit all of the Capitol-glory that Panem has come to associate with the Games. They’re a reminder that not everyone in the Arena is on Katniss’ side, and that for some people, security for themselves will always outweigh the rights and security of others. I’d love to see some former teen stars make a reappearance as the District 1 victors, namelySarah Michelle Gellar and Neil Patrick Harris. Blond and badass, Buffy Summers and Barney Stinson definitely would be an imposing force to counterbalance Katniss’ band of misfits.

Angie of The Hob – Enobaria
I hope that Enobaria is one character casting that does not get underplayed. (I’m picturing someone like Essence Atkins for the role). District 2 is the most loyal district to the Capitol and, like most tributes from her district, Enobaria volunteered for the 62nd Hunger Games and won. Her background and Games experience directly impacts the choices she makes inCatching Fire, and those choices define her role in Mockingjay, making her character more significant later on. There are a few key scenes with Enobaria from the book that I can only hope will be included in the Catching Fire movie such as the brutality of the Careers at the Cornucopia, the Careers stalking Katniss and Peeta’s group throughout the Games, and Enobaria as one of the last tributes alive when the Games end.

You can check out the rest of the characters HERE. What minor characters do you think are important to Catching Fire?


Amandla Stenberg’s Comic Con Experience

Amandla Stenberg joined a few of The Hunger Games cast members at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, and she shared some of her experience on her blog. Here are a few of her photos and what she had to say:

Dayo Okeniyi, Jack Quaid and I were tempted to take the Batmobile for a joyride.

 Who do you think looks the most intimidating here?

Looks like they all had a lot of fun! You can see more photos of Amandla’s Comic Con adventures HERE.

Source: Amandla Stenberg

Phillip Troy Linger on Being Mr. Everdeen

There are a lot of characters in The Hunger Games that play a role in Katniss’ development, but may not get much screen time. One of those characters is Mr. Everdeen, the man who taught Katniss the skills she would need to keep her family alive in District 12 and keep herself alive in the arena. We get glimpses of his character in the book through multiple flashback scenes, but you can only put so much in one movie.

Phillip Troy Linger was the lucky man chosen to be Katniss’ father, and that wasn’t even the role he originally auditioned for. In an interview with The Villages Daily Sun, Linger spoke about being a part of The Hunger Games:

Linger first auditioned for a peacekeeper character, a member of the military police force controlled by the Capitol, the government of the nation of Panem.

While he wasn’t selected as a peacekeeper, he was given the role of Everdeen’s father.

“It’s a great character,” Linger said. “I felt very fortunate to get it.”

Everdeen’s father is featured in a few scenes set in flashbacks. Linger said he hopes the character will be more developed in the other films.

Linger read the first book in the trilogy after he was offered the role and said he could identify with Everdeen’s dad.

“I think I’m pretty protective and fatherly and hands-on,” he said.

He also described attending the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles as a “surreal” experience.

“It was out of this world,” he said. “It’s the biggest movie I’ve ever been involved with. I’m very happy to be a part of the project.”

You can read the rest of the article HERE. Hopefully we’ll see him in more flashbacks in Catching Fire.

Source: The Villages Daily Sun via The Hob

‘Hunger Games’ Cast and Their Past Movies

We all know what actors play what role in The Hunger Games but what did they do before they were tributes? Next Movie has given us a description of some of our main tributes’ previous work. Here are just a couple:

Josh Hutcherson

District 12’s duo is equally strong in the way of film resumes. Hutcherson really impressed with his part in “The Kids Are All Right,” tapping into his sensitive side (Hello, Peeta!), but he also shows he can hack it in the wild unknown in his latest, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,” in theaters this weekend.

Amandla Stenberg

Little Rue is not to be underestimated in the Games, and neither is Stenberg. In “Colombiana,” she played a kid who grows up to be Zoe Saldanakept ’em all guessing and was not particularly easy to catch up with. Sound familiar? If you want a preview of the quiet bravery Stenberg’ll bring to “The Hunger Games” this March, look no further than that movie.

Isabelle Fuhrman

Fuhrman’s already scared the daylights out of us on-screen as Esther in 2009’s “Orphan.” Watch that thriller, and you’ll have no doubt that Fuhrman can bring it as District Two’s sinister she-tribute Clove in “The Hunger Games.”

Check out the rest of the descriptions HERE.

And FYI, if you haven’t seen Columbiana, Amandla Stenberg is in the first half, and she’s awesome!

Source: Next Movie

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