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During this week’s Mockingjay Read Along we discussed chapters 10, 11, & 12. Things really get going in these chapters. Here’s what we talked about, and some of our favorite thoughts.

1. How can Coin be so chill about Peeta’s warning? Come on, he said ya’ll were going to die!

mra recap 4a

mra recap 4b

2. P139 I’m amazed D13 citizens can keep their cool during a bombing. I’d be freaking out! D13 frenzy

mra recap 4c

mra recap 4d

3. P140 Man, Katniss can’t ever just be herself.plutarch's advice

@LindzSpice But hey, no pressure, Katniss!

@ArielAysu When you’re in a position like that it’d be hard to be yourself

@Twirl4meK “Uneasy lies the head that wears” the wings…

4. How can Plutarch be so callous when talking to Katniss about Peeta? ‘Look at the courage Peeta just displayed!’ #jerk

mra recap 4e

mra recap 4f

5. Is it just me or is Katniss becoming more and more like Buttercup? #Ihissatyoufirst

@marihm3084 love their relationship :) go Butterniss

@Sheilagirl1 hilarious but true

6. Why does Gale make the effort to bring Katniss’s prized possessions to her right before the attack on D13?

mra recap 4g

7. P148 Why do you think he was having difficulty getting the warning out?peeta's talent

@ArielAysu Hijacking?

@Everlark_heart so sad that snow took away his most important attribute.

@Sheilagirl1 Snow basically broke him.

@marihm3084 maybe the beginning of the hijacking :(

@Twirl4meK Mental confusion. He wasn’t TOTALLY gone yet, but he had a lot of brainwashing to cut through. Hence a kind of ‘madness”.

8. When did Prim start acting like the big sister? And when did Katniss start neglecting her?

@Sheilagirl1 This is the point in the book where you really start to see Prim grown up

@ArielAysu I think that started with Katniss’s first games. Too preoccupied.

@Sheilagirl1 Kinda hard to be a big sister when the weight of the world is on your shoulder.

9. P150 Oh Prim, you break my heart. (Katniss & Prim)whatever it takes

@Sheilagirl1 Tears Tears Tears Forever

10. Why does Katniss always refer to herself as ‘the Mockingjay’ when talking about the rebellion? Does she see it as a character?

mra recap 4h

11. Why does Katniss choose to turn to Finnick for support? And why does it take her so long to do so?

mra recap 4i

12. P156 Finnick’s so good with the advicedon't give in

@LindzSpice but is he taking his own advice?

@Sheilagirl1 One of my favorite quotes & so true

13. I’m surprised Katniss & Finnick haven’t become closer since the Quarter Quell.

mra recap 4j

14. P158 Gale can think whatever he wants. Is this when Gale starts to realize Katniss has changed drastically?

mra recap 4k

mra recap 4l

15. Does Haymitch always refer to Peeta as ‘the boy’ to try to distance himself from how he feels about Katniss & Peeta?

mra recap 4m

16. How could Snow have been sure Katniss would get the roses he dropped on D13?

mra recap 4n

17. So everyone knew how Snow was using Peeta? Is there anything that the rebels aren’t keeping secret from Katniss?

@ArielAysu I think they kept this secret because they knew the effect it would have on her

@evans_melyndans I agree they always think they are doing what’s best for her but in the long run it doesn’t work for her.

18. P164 I love how Katniss turns to Haymitch when she’s completely broken. Is this when she realized how much he cares?the same choice

mra recap 4o

19. Why would Gale volunteer to rescue Peeta? He has to know he could die.

mra recap 4p

20. P168 And then I do the first thing that Haymitch has wanted since my first interview. I open up.

@ArielAysu Such as sad scene!

@Sheilagirl1 This is the moment Katniss lets her vulnerability be seen. To help Peeta of course

21. Did anyone else’s heart break when Finnick told his story?

mra recap 4q

22. P171 Dude!! This was a huge revelation!snow's power

@Sheilagirl1 I just got chills reading this!

23. Haymitch is curt when talking about his loved ones. Do you think there’s more to the story & it still hurts too much to talk about it?

mra recap 4r

24. It’s funny how Katniss finally opens up on camera willingly, and they don’t even use it!

@Sheilagirl1 Guess it wasn’t as juicy as Finnick’s story

@evans_melyndans yes but I think they all see the true Katniss for the first time

25. P177 My lips are just forming his name when his fingers lock around my throat.

mra recap 4s

26. Peeta!! That’s not how you hug people! But seriously, I was shocked when this happened. First reaction: NOOO!!! They just got him back!

mra recap 4t

@Everlark_heart wouldn’t it be amazing if we got some dialogue from Katniss & Peeta while he chokes her? In the movie

@HGgirlonfire yes, but I can only imagine how expressive Jennifer’s face will be!

27. Poor Katniss. She’s finally opening herself to Peeta’s feelings & his affection for her. Then he tries to kill her! #liveandlearnhopefully

mra recap 4u

Other Comments:     

@LindzSpice Cried a bit during this week’s #mockingjayreadalong chapters. Can’t wait for Thursday night to discuss (& collectively cry)!

@WtoD12 Do be sure to check out @HGgirlonfire @MockingjayReadAlong!!! #OLTM

@Everlark_heart “Yet no one is asking about the messenger whose blood has been replaced by static” Katniss not worried about the bombing but about the fact that Peeta was probably being killed at the moment. Haymitch gives a growl of frustration “They’re beating him bloody while we speak. What more do you need?”

@Everlark_heart “You don’t know him,” Haymitch says to Coin. “We do. Get your people”

@Sheilagirl1 Hanging out with @HGgirlonfire doing the #MockingjayReadAlong while eating sushi and mack and cheese for dinner. Don’t judge me!

@evens_melyndans thank you



That’s it for chapters 10-12. Big thanks to everyone who participated! And if you have thoughts on these topics, share them in the comments!

Next Thursday we’ll be doing our Read Along at our new time! Hopefully, this will allow more people to join in the fun! We’ll be discussing chapters 13, 14, &15 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. So until next time tributes, keep reading!

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