Willow Shields Featured in Nylon Magazine

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Willow Shields is featured in Nylon magazine! See all the pictures and read some of the interview below!



For those who don’t know how events will unfold, well, let’s just say that a movie based on a book that attempts to portray war and all of its ugliness probably isn’t going to end like a typical YA movie does, and not everything will be positive. For those who do know what happens, they know that Prim is at the center of the series’ most shocking moment. “I think that for a lot of fans, that was the most devastating thing they have ever read,” she says. “The reason Suzanne Collins did do that was because she felt like she needed to have like a really dramatic moment for people to realize that this world is so crazy, and this is what happens because of it. She needed to have that event so that readers go, ‘Oh my god, how could that happen?’ But it does happen. You see Prim’s going into battle in the revolution, and like, everybody’s like, ‘What is this?’ I love reading more than just about anything, and so for me, when I read the books, I felt like it was actually a smart ending. You have this realization of like the brutality of the world.”“I guess in some sense it’s happy, and in a lot of ways it’s really sad,” says Shields. “Even though people were sacrificed for it, hopefully it’s leading to a better world. There is that hope in all fans that because of these events that have happened, hopefully it’s leading to better things for Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and everyone.”

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Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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