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In a great article from Portrait magazine, the history and relationship of the Hemsworth brothers,  Luke, Chris and our very own Liam was explored.  Sounds like these 3 brothers are close and very supportive of each other’s projects. I love that !

Here’s an excerpt from the article :

Not familiar with the Hemsworth brothers? It’s a safe bet you soon will be. These fresh Australian exports are slowly making their mark with defining and lead roles in modern classics such as Star Trek, The Last Song and comic book hero adaption Thor. But don’t be fooled, these roles haven’t just landed in their laps overnight. The Hemsworth brothers have been in show business for years and have finally begun to make themselves recognizable household names.

Luke, Chris and Liam were all born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. The sons of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth, the family later relocated to Phillip Island, south of Melbourne. The three brothers have always been close and spent a majority of their time together, mostly lapping up the Australian sunshine while pursing their hobby of surfing. While the two older brothers, Luke and Chris, knew from an early age that they wanted to go into acting, it took younger brother Liam a little while longer to be infected with the acting bug. Liam originally laid floors before deciding to follow his talented brothers and venture into acting.

United in their love for acting, these brothers even go on to the same auditions. Liam Hemsworth commented “We are brothers and we are always competitive, but it is a good thing, it pushes us both and we are always happy whenever someone books something.” Liam and Luke both had roles in one of Australia’s most loved soaps, also a breeding ground for antipodean talent, Neighbours. Chris however, always keen to be marked out from his brothers, took a role in its rival Home and Away.

Read more about the Hemsworth brothers HERE

To go along with our Hemworth brothers theme, here are some pics of Liam supporting his brother Chris’ new film Thor !


Source : Portrait magazine and Hunger Games Network

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