Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth talk Jennifer, their favorite scenes and more with J-14

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Liam and Josh recently talked with J-14 magazine where they talked Hunger Games and more!

Here’s an excerpt from J-14 :

J-14: Even though you two don’t work together all that much, you both work with Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss, a lot. What was it like getting to know her?

Liam Hemsworth: She’s honestly one of the best actresses I’ve worked with.
Josh Hutcherson: Jennifer and I hit it off right away! We became really close friends instantaneously.
Liam: She’s just a really cool chick!

J-14: Okay, spill: first impressions of each other!

Liam: I was friends with Josh before the film and we hung out a lot when we weren’t working. He’s awesome!
Josh: Liam’s a super good-looking, tall, Australian guy — but he’s a total goofball!

J-14: What was your favorite scene to film?

Josh: Well, the biggest moment for [mine and Jennifer’s] characters is the cave sequence where I confess my love. We shot all of the cave scenes, literally, in two days — but it’s awesome!

J-14: Both of your characters love Jennifer Lawrence’s character — just in different ways. Was that awkward at all?

Josh: Not really — to me, it’s just like another part of acting. It’s just part of the characters. I think anytime you have an intimate scene with anyone you have to think of it that way.
Liam: For most of the stuff, me and Jennifer were always kinda joking around, just having fun and enjoying it.

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