The Design Team : Nelson Ascensio, Brooke Bundy & Kimiko Gelman at the Fiction2Film Convention

Our design team members Nelson Ascencio (Flavius), Brooke Bundy (Octavia) and Kimiko Gelman (Venia) attended the Fiction2Film Hunger Games convention 6/23/12.  Check out their pics and a summary of our tweets from their fan panel!  These guys are AWESOME!!

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1.  Design team is up. Nelson says the horses in the chariot scene emitted some awful smells LOL

2.  Kimiko (Venia) wasn’t sure exactly how she would look till the day of the shoot.
3.  Nelson (Flavius) says took over a week to design his hair style
4.  Kimiko (Venia) says Donald Sutherland didn’t recognize her outside of her costume
5.  Nelson says watching the tribute interviews was a lot of fun
6.  Nelson read the trilogy in a week
7.  Nelson and Kimiko says Lenny Kravitz is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet
8.  Brooke (octavia)says the Hunger Games has opened a lot of doors for her, but still occaisionally babysits :)
9.  Nelson says he is excited to how his character will be incorporated in Mockingjay
10.  Nelson relates the style of Blade Runner to #HungerGames
11.  Brookes favorite part is when the games are about to begin and that’s when it hit her she was in the #HungerGames
12.  Nelson says reaping scene was amazing and Kimiko agrees
13.  The design team will be back for the next movie
14.  Nelson picks Naya Rivera as his Johanna fan casting choice
15.  Kimiko says that the makeup is really hard to take off
16.  Nelson would have loved to be Haymitch Brooke would love to be Annie
17.  Nelson loved Catching Fire and the setting for the arena
18.  Kimiko loved working with Jennifer Lawrence She is so nice and is awesome
19.  Nelson jokes that Jennifer is a terrible driver LOL. Says Josh is a sweetheart
20.  Kimiko said the saddest part of the movie for her was Rues death.
21.  Nelson says seeing hints of the uprising in the movie really touched him 

One Response

  1. Abel Toy says:

    Amazing stuff they are saying! “Jennifer is a terrible driver” – hahaha. Also, the uprising is what really touched me as well. Rue’s death – awesome. But then the uprising… too much for me haha, it was so, SO cool.

    Also: “The design team will be back for the next movie”. YAYZ!

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