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New still of Katniss and Finnick from ‘Mockingjay’ part 2

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New Sam Claflin photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine

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Sam Claflin shared some gorgeous photos from his shoot for Flaunt magazine. Check them out below :

Sun in my eyes for @flauntmagazine

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"Blowin' in the wind" for @flauntmagazine

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"Chin up" @flauntmagazine

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Sam Claflin in talks to join Rachel Weisz in ‘My Cousin Rachel’

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Variety is reporting that Sam Claflin is currently in talks to join Rachel Weisz in an adaptation of n the Daphne Du Maurier novel ‘My Cousin Rachel’.

Finnick Mockingjay part 1

Sam Claflin is in negotiations to co-star with Rachel Weisz in Fox Searchlight’s “My Cousin Rachel,” an adaptation of the classic Daphne Du Maurier novel.

The dark romance revolves around Philip, played by Claflin, a young orphan, who believes his mysterious, beautiful cousin Rachel, played by Weisz, may have been responsible for the murder of his beloved guardian Ambrose, also a cousin of theirs. As Philip plots his revenge, his feelings become complicated as he falls under Rachel’s beguiling spell.

The book, originally published in 1951, was previously adapted into a film starring Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton and directed by Henry Koster. This version will be helmed by Roger Michell, who will also adapt the script.

‘Mockingjay Pt. 2′ in Total Film’s Winter Preview with new Katniss still

Katniss+Total+Film+WMWe’re getting close to the end & you know what that means: plenty of interviews, features, & new images to get us all excited for the final installment of our beloved series. And the Total Film Winter Preview issue gives us all that. An excerpt from the above image:

After kicking off in 2012, the series is finally drawing to a close and all bets are off. With Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) embracing her role as leader of the revolt, she’ll be heading into enemy territory – yup the Capitol – in a ballsy attempt to assassinate Snow (Donald Sutherland). With Peeta (Hutcherson) compromised and the Capitol providing challenges even deadlier than those usually found in the Hunger Games arena, the stage is set for one heck of a finale.

“To see it all coming to an end is definitely sad,” says Hutchinson. Jennifer Lawrence adds: “We’re not ending with the promise of another movie, this is the final one… You feel it, and there’s something satisfying about that. I think it’s really emotional and moving.” Let the final games commence…


There was also a fun interview with Sam Claflin using movie quotes for questions.


Thanks to Quarter Quell for the tip & Panem Propaganda for sharing images & the look inside!

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Sam Claflin Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Should Have Her Own Space in the Dictionary

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How cute! Our Finnick O’Dair says there is just no way to describe our girl on fire, so we should just make up a work for her! When asked about Jennifer Lawrence’s personality he jokes she belongs in the dictionary with her own definition!

The 29-year-old actor – who appears alongside the Oscar-winning star in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise – has claimed Jennifer’s unique personality merits the creation of a new word.

He said: ”Jennifer Lawrence is Jennifer Lawrence. You can’t sum her up in any other words except Jennifer Lawrence – it should be put in the dictionary to describe one person.”

Sam said that unlike some people in the movie business, Jennifer is completely authentic.

He told Metro newspaper: ”There is no bulls*** and that’s what I admire about her. She is what she is, you like it or you lump it.”

We can’t say he’s wrong! What word would you make up to add to the dictionary to describe Jennifer?

Sam Claflin on life outside the ‘Games’ for Men’s Health UK Urban Active

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Last week we shared the cover of Men’s Health UK’s biannual Urban Active featuring Sam Claflin. And being the wonderful fans that they are, Sam Claflin Fans have transcribed the interview featured in the supplement. Here’s just a snippet:

sam claflin urban active

On auditioning for major franchises:

In the process, Claflin also learnt that he wasn’t exactly the “six-foot, tanned, blonde, green-eyed god” that Finnick is described as in the books. But he didn’t let that unwelcome discovery intimidate him. “I never had any doubt in my mind that I was wrong for the part,” he says. “So I went in there all guns blazing, thinking “What have I got to lose?” The same self-effacing attitude was in effect when he auditioned for 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the big-screen break that took him from small-screen obscurity: “Part of me was like ‘This is so not going to happen – as if I’m going to be in a Pirates movie!’ I went in not expecting anything and somehow it worked out.” And then some. Hey, if you’re scared to shoot, you won’t score.

On fashion:

Speaking of fit, new kit is becoming a pre-occupation for Claflin. As a burgeoning, photogenic actor, he often finds himself at fashion shows and shoots like this one. “I didn’t have a clue about fashion growing up, although I thought I did,” he says. “Now I do, but I still don’t really understand it. Sometimes I look at something on a runway and think, ‘why is that fashionable?’” One brand he does get in both senses is Burberry, at whose recent menswear show he sat on the front row (next to Radio 1 DJ and scenester Nick Grimshaw, who subsequently tweeted that Claflin was “the best-smelling person. If you see him in the street, give him a sniff”). “Burberry is simple, elegant and really easy,” he says. “I’m still learning as I go though. There are definitely more fashionable items in my wardrobe than before. But I’m a comfort man at heart. I like jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of trainers.” For a man who professes not to be particularly fashionable, he gives remarkably good red carpet. “Usually someone tells me what to wear,” he downplays. Film premieres, like borrowed clothes, don’t feel entirely comfortable to him. “The nerves get the better of me and the adrenaline takes over,” he says. “I’m wearing a suit and shoes that I have to give back later, and a tie up to my neck that’s rubbing on my stubble, and my hair’s not quite how I’d imagines and I’ve got tiny bits of make-up on…It’s so not me.”

You can read the full transcribed article HERE.

Source: Panem Propaganda

Sam Claflin thinks Jennifer Lawrence should be a Dictionary description

Sam Claflin recently talked about his Hunger Games c0-star Jennifer Lawrence and feeling she is really indescribable and should be a word in the dictionary as a description.

From the Belfast Telegraph :

Sam Claflin Speaks With Red Carpet News TV At The BAFTA  Award nominations

The British actor stars alongside the 25-year-old in the Hunger Games franchise. Having made three of the four films together, Sam knows Jennifer well, and has nothing but praise for her.
“There is no bulls**t and that’s what I admire about her, she is what she is, you like it or you lump it,” he told British newspaper Metro. “Jennifer Lawrence is Jennifer Lawrence. You can’t sum her up in any other words except Jennifer Lawrence – it should be put in the dictionary to describe one person.”

The 29-year-old stars as Finnick Odair in the movies, while Jennifer plays protagonist Katniss Everdeen. The cast will soon be promoting the final instalment of the franchise; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, and Sam told the publication that fans can expect “an emotional journey” before the story reaches its conclusion.

Sam also talks about his upcoming projects and thoughts on the Bond series.  Read more HERE 

Photos: Sam Claflin attends GQ Men of the Year Awards

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Sam Claflin was on hand this evening at the GQ Men of the Year Awards held in London, England. Sam is pictured with Emilia Clarke.

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