These are descriptions of the characters found in each of the books of The Hunger Games trilogy. Some characters are not in the movies, but we’ve included them anyway.

Hunger Games Character Descriptions

Catching Fire Character Descriptions


Mockingjay Character Bios

Some of these descriptions may contain spoilers for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. You have been warned!

Alma Coin

The president of District 13, Alma Coin is a serious woman. 50 years old, with polished gray hair, and gray eyes “the color of slush,” Alma doesn’t believe Katniss is needed as “the Mockingjay” and Katniss knows it.

Annie Cresta

A District 4 victor, Annie won her Games after the arena was flooded & she was the best swimmer. After seeing her district partner beheaded, Annie has become slightly mentally unstable. She was arrested by the Capitol after the Quarter Quell due to her relationship with Finnick Odair, but believed to not have been tortured.


District 3 victor, tribute in the Quarter Quell, & inventor, Beetee was rescued from the destruction of the arena by District 13. After arriving in 13, Beetee required a wheelchair (most of the time) to get around due to injuries sustained trying to escape the arena. He is now a key player in the war against the Capitol.


The second in command to President Coin, Boggs is a commander for the rebel soldiers. He works closely with Katniss & becomes someone she trusts.


A District 2 victor & tribute in the Quarter Quell. He was killed by Peeta in the final minutes of the 75th Hunger Games


A true survivor, this orange furball managed to survive the bombing of District 12 and keep himself fed until Katniss took him back to District 13 for Prim. Buttercup became a source of amusement for the citizens of 13.

Castor & Pollux

Former Capitol citizens, Castor & Pollux are the cameramen for Cressida’s film team. Pollux is an Avox who worked in the tunnels below the Capitol, and Castor, his brother, managed to get him out so they could escape the Capitol.

Ceasar Flickerman

The face of the Hunger Games, Ceasar Flickerman, along with Peeta Mellark, is now tasked with diminishing the magnitude of the rebellion.


A District 11 victor, friend of Haymitch, & tribute in the Quarter Quell. He was killed by Brutus.


Katniss’ stylist & friend, Cinna was a master of making a statement with his work. After modifying the wedding dress Katniss wore for her interview, Cinna was beaten & dragged off by Peacekeepers just as Katniss was about to enter the arena for the Quarter Quell. He is believed to have been killed during interrogation by the Capitol.

Claudius Templesmith

The voice of the Hunger Games.

Commander Lyme

A previous victor of the Hunger Games, Lyme is a rebel commander in District 2. She’s over six feet tall, very muscular, and has an unforgettable face.

Commander Paylor

A rebel commander in District 8. Paylor doesn’t seem to think much about Katniss, and we’re not sure why.


A rebel from the Capitol, Cressida is the director of the Mockingjay propos. She doesn’t talk much, but manages to say a lot through her actions & films. She’s easily identified by her shaved head with green vine tattoos.


Former resident of District 10, now a citizen of District 13. Dalton was responsible for maintaining genetic diversity on a beef ranch while in District 10.


Former Peacekeeper in District 12, Darius became an Avox after trying to defend Gale from being whipped. After the Quarter Quell, Darius was arrested by the Capitol & tortured to death.

Delly Cartwright

She survived along with her younger brother. A genuinely nice person, Delly plays a small, but important role in District 13.

Dr. Aurelius

A psychiatrist Katniss is required to speak with after the war is over. Katniss isn’t a fan of talking about what’s happened, and Dr. Aurelius is okay with that, because that means he can catch up on his sleep.

Effie Trinket

After the rebels orchestrated the rescue of the victors from the Quarter Quell, we lose track of Effie. We’re not sure what happened to her.

*This role has been greatly altered for the movie. Effie is present in District 13 from the beginning.


A victor for District 2, Enobaria was taken prisoner after the 75th Hunger Games. Because she was not a part of the rebel plan, it’s assumed the Capitol wouldn’t keep her captive.

Finnick Odair

An ally of Katniss’s in the Quarter Quell, Finnick was rescued along with Katniss & Beetee. After learning that the Capitol had arrested the girl he loves, Finnick had a breakdown. He works on his mental instability by tying & retying knots.

Flavius, Octavia, & Venia

Katniss’ prep team from the Games, they were taken by District 13 after the Quarter Quell explosion. They supposedly have difficulties following the strict rules of District 13, despite repeated warnings. Their time under arrest in District 13 was not kind to them.

Fulvia Cardew

Assistant to Plutarch Heavensbee, Fulvia has very specific ideas of how Katniss should be portrayed as the Mockingjay. She has silver flowers inlaid in her cheeks, so we can assume she is from the Capitol.

Gale Hawthorne

After saving hundreds of District 12 citizens from the Capitol’s firebombs, Gale has found a place in District 13’s Special Defense. He regularly collaborates with Beetee on new weapons & military strategies.

Greasy Sae

A survivor of the District 12 bombings, Greasy Sae put her culinary skills to use in the District 13 kitchens. Although, she believes District 13 lacks imagination when it comes to their food preparation.

Haymitch Abernathy

Now living in District 13, Haymitch is a part of the rebels Special Defense team. Aside from those duties, Haymitch is just trying to survive his forced sobriety.

Hazelle Hawthorne

Mother of Gale Hawthorne & his 3 siblings, Rory, Vick, and Posy. After escaping the destruction of District 12, we don’t know what her role in District 13 has become.


a member of Squad 451, Homes was known for his sharpshooting skills. He’s an older soldier who doesn’t say much.


A member of squad 451, Jackson was Boggs’s second in command. She is a middle aged soldier, whose farsightedness helps with long-distance shooting.

Johanna Mason

An unlikely rebel ally in the Quarter Quell, Johanna Mason helped make it possible for Katniss to be rescued from the arena. Unfortunately she was captured by the Capitol.

Katniss Everdeen

After being rescued from the Quarter Quell arena, Katniss is living in District 13. She’s a bit broken, just trying to figure things out after her home has been destroyed & Peeta was captured. Katniss has become the face of the rebellion, the Mockingjay, whether she wanted it or not.


The Avox girl who attended to Katniss in the Training Center for both Games. She was arrested after the Quarter Quell, but was lucky enough to die after being electrocuted once by the Capitol.

Leeg 1 & Leeg 2

Twins in their twenties, Leeg 1 & Leeg 2 are members of Squad 451. They’re indistinguishable except for the yellow flecks in Leeg 1’s eyes.


Katniss’ neighbor from the Seam in District 12. Another survivor of the destruction of District 12.


The rebel commander for District 2, Lyme is a middle-aged victor from over a generation ago. She’s kept a low profile, but she she’s memorable standing over six feet tall & well muscled.


The assistant to Cressida, the propo director, Messalla is also a former Capitol citizen. He stands out in District 13 with the multiple ear piercings & large tongue stud.


An older guy who can ‘shoot the dust off your boots at fifty yards, Mitchell is a member of Squad 451.

Mrs. Everdeen

After being taken to District 13 with the other District 12 survivors, Mrs. Everdeen finds purpose. She becomes a nurse in the District 13 hospital, and spends most of her time there.


The rebel commander of District 8, Paylor is battle tested. She’s an authoritative woman in her early thirties, and she seems to have some animosity toward Katniss.

Peeta Mellark

After the rebels blew up the arena of the Quarter Quell, Peeta was taken prisoner by the Capitol. He is now a pawn being used by the Capitol.

Plutarch Heavensbee

Former Head Gamemaker of the 75th Hunger Games, Plutarch was an undercover rebel in the Capitol. Now in District 13, he is a part of the Special Defense team.


Peeta’s stylist from the 74th & 75th Hunger Games. After the rebels escape from the arena, Portia, along with his prep team, were publicly executed.

Posy Hawthorne

5 year old sister of Gale Hawthorne. She is a sweet girl with an open mind when it comes to Katniss’s prep team with all their Capitol adornments.

President Snow

The leader of Panem, President Snow is a ruthless dictator. He knows the influence Katniss has on the people of Panem & tried everything he could to destroy her. Now he will do whatever it takes to keep his power.

Primrose Everdeen

After escaping the bombing of District 12, Prim is taken, along with the rest of the survivors, to District 13. While there, she starts training in the hospital. Prim wants to be a doctor when she’s older.

Soldier York

The no-nonsense District 13 trainer. She is middle-aged and responsible for training Katniss & Johanna, along with other citizens of District 13.


A former member of Gale’s mining team in District 12, Thom survived the destruction of District 12.


A former Hunger Games stylist living in the Capitol, Tigris owns a fur clothing business. Over the years she has altered her appearance to resemble a tiger, with stripe tattoos, a flatter nose, surgically implanted whiskers, and cat-like behavior.


Katniss Everdeen

She is a Hunger Games victor now, and she’s living with her mother & sister in their new house in the Victor’s Village.

Peeta Mellark

Now living in the Victor’s Village, Peeta still works at his parents’ bakery. The relationship between him and Katniss is cordial, at best. Now that Peeta is a victor, he can afford to use real paints, so his “talent” is painting. He chooses to paint the Games to help with his nightmares.

Haymitch Abernathy

Still a drunk, Haymitch agrees to stop drinking when they are told the 75th Hunger Games will consist of former victors as tributes. Haymitch won the 2nd Quarter Quell by using the Gamemaker’s force field as a weapon.

Gale Hawthorne

To the world of Panem, Gale is known as Katniss’s “cousin” thanks to the tribute family interviews during the 74th Hunger Games. He is excited by the thought of District uprisings.


The Everdeen’s cat is still the same. Although, he prefers to be at their old house when Prim is in school.

President Snow

A small white-haired man with snakelike eyes who smells of roses and blood. The President of Panem, Snow threatened Katniss’s family after her stunt with the berries at the end of the 74th Hunger Games inspired unrest and rebellion in some of the districts.

Greasy Sae

An older woman who serves soup in the Hob. During the 74th Hunger Games, she was responsible for collecting money from many District 12 citizens to sponsor Katniss and Peeta.

Seneca Crane

The Head Gamemaker for the 74th Hunger Games. He was killed after the end of the Games because of the berries incident.

Mrs. Everdeen

Now that Katniss has survived the Hunger Games, she is accepting her mother’s help. Mrs. Everdeen still performs her healing duties when needed, which is more often with the new Peacekeepers, but she also manages Katniss’s winnings and household.

Primrose Everdeen

Katniss’s younger sister is forced to grow up a little faster than expected when Katniss is chosen for the 75th Hunger Games. She was excited during the preparations for Katniss and Peeta’s wedding.


Returning member of Katniss’s prep team. Her look has changed a bit with aqua hair styled to sharp points, and her gold facial tattoos curl around from above her eyebrows to under her eyes, giving Venia a shocked look.


Returning member of Katniss’s prep team. She is plumper than last year, and her skin is more of a light evergreen.


Returning member of Katniss’s prep team.


Katniss’s stylist once again, Cinna chooses her outfits for specific reasons. Cinna is also helping Katniss develop her “talent” of designing clothing.


Returning stylist for Peeta Mellark.

Effie Trinket

Effie is returning as the District 12 escort for the 75th Hunger Games. This year she is wearing a pumpkin orange wig.

Madge Undersee

Katniss and Madge have become closer since the end of the 74th Hunger Games. Since they both have plenty of empty hours to fill, Madge and Katniss spend some of them together. Katniss has taken Madge out shooting in the woods, and Madge has tried to teach Katniss how to play piano.


Still in charge of the tribute training, Atala begins all of the sessions on time even though half the tributes don’t show up for training.

Caesar Flickerman

Still the face of the Hunger Games, Ceasar’s hair and face are now highlighted lavender.

Hazelle Hawthorne

Mother of Gale and his three siblings, Rory (age 12), Vick (age 10), and Posy (age 4). Supported her family by doing laundry for some of the citizens of District Twelve, and then became a housekeeper for Haymitch Abernathy.


A woman who sells liquor in the Hob. She lost one of her arms in a mine accident.


The Head Peacekeeper in District 12. A very loyal customer to Ripper, Cray drinks almost as much as Haymitch Abernathy. People find him despicable because of his habit of paying poor women for their company. No one knows what happened to Cray once the new Head Peacekeeper arrives. He just disappeared.


A well liked Peacekeeper, Darius is usually good for a joke. He’s probably in his twenties, but his smile and red hair that sticks out every which way gives him a boyish quality. He tried to  save Gale from more whippings, but was turned into an Avox as his punishment.

Plutarch Heavensbee

The new Head Gamemaker. Plutarch reminds Katniss that he was the Gamemaker who fell in the punch bowl when she shot the pig during the last Hunger Games training.

Romulus Thread

Hired as the new Head Peacekeeper to keep District 12 in line. His face is hard with deep lines, a cruel mouth, gray hair shaved very short, black eyes, and a long straight nose.


A Peacekeeper who eats regularly at Greasy Sae’s. She saves Gale from being whipped to death, using the excuse of “standard protocol” to stop Thread.


A girl who lives a few houses down from Katniss’s house in the Seam. Mrs. Everdeen kept Leevy’s little brother alive when he caught the measles last year.

Bristol & Thom

Members of Gale’s mine crew.


A 35 year old woman running away from District 8 to District 13. She is last seen in the woods outside District 12.


A 16 year old girl with chocolate brown eyes, also running from District 8 to District 13. She is last seen in the woods outside District 12.

Maysilee Donner

A friend of Mrs. Everdeen’s when she was younger. Maysilee was reaped for the 2nd Quarter Quell and died during the Games. She had a canary that was given to Mrs. Everdeen after Maysilee’s death. Maysilee was the twin sister of Madge’s mother.


A 40 year old volunteer tribute from District 2. He is one of the Career tributes.

Finnick Odair

He was crowned victor ten years ago at the age of 14. He wanted for nothing during his Games, because of his golden skin, bronze colored hair, and famous sea green eyes. He was given a trident from a very rich sponsor that helped him win in 2 weeks. Now he is one of the most popular victors and desired by many women.

Johanna Mason

The only living female victor for District 7, Johanna won her Games by pretending to be weak. She demonstrated a wicked ability to murder. She has spiky hair and wideset brown eyes, and a complete lack of modesty.


A thirty year old victor from District 8. Cecilia left her three children when she was reaped.


The male tribute for District 11, Chaff is a friend of Haymitch’s. He’s six feet tall with dark skin, and lost one hand in his Games thirty years ago.


The sixty year old female tribute from District 11. She has olive skin, straight black hair streaked with silver, and golden brown eyes. She almost looks like she could be from the Seam.

District 6 Tributes

They are both morphling addicts, bone thin with sagging yellowish skin and overlarge eyes.


The 30 year old female tribute from District 2. During her Games she killed a tribute by ripping out his throat with her teeth. As an homage, she cosmetically altered her teeth so each ended in a point like a fang and are inlaid with gold. She is one of the Career tributes.


The female tribute from District 3, she is small with ashen skin and black hair. She’s about Katniss’s mother’s age, and speaks in a quiet, intelligent voice with a habit of dropping off mid-sentence. After winning her Games, she became an inventor in District 3.


The male tribute from District 3, Beetee is older and somewhat fidgety. He wears glasses and is also an inventor.


The male tribute from District 8. He’s a really old guy, who’s hard of hearing, and doesn’t really know what’s going on.


The female tribute from District 1. Gloss is her brother. She is one of the Career tributes.


The male tribute from District 1. Cashmere is his sister. He is one of the Career tributes.


The volunteer female tribute from District 4. She has a thick district accent and garbled speech (possibly from a stroke), so she’s difficult to understand. She can make a decent fishhook out of anything.


The archery trainer, Tax was impressed with Katniss’s shooting during the 74th Hunger Games.


The male tribute from District 7.

Annie Cresta

A District 4 victor, Annie won her Games 5 years ago. She went crazy when her district partner was beheaded. She won her games after the arena was flooded because she was the best swimmer.



Katniss Everdeen

Born in District 12 to a coal miner and an apothecary’s daughter, Katniss is the heroine of our story. She grew up fast when her father was killed in a mining explosion and her mother fell into a deep depression. She learned to hunt and forage to provide for her small family. Then at age sixteen, Katniss volunteers to replace her younger sister, Prim, who was chosen as a tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. 16 years old with black hair, gray eyes, and olive skin.

Prim Everdeen

Katniss’ young sister, she is 12 years old in the “Hunger Games” and for the 1st time is eligible to have her name placed in the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games. After her name is chosen to participate in the games, Katniss steps forward to take Prim’s place. Prim is described as sweet and delicate but as Katniss returns from the games she noticeably becomes more serious an mature. In the final book “Mockingjay”, Prim is killed by a bomb during the attack on the capitol.

Peeta Mellark

The youngest son of the District 12 baker, Peeta is chosen as the male tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. To Katniss, he is the “boy with the bread” who she credits with saving her from starvation. He is strong with a good heart. He may not have the survival skills Katniss has, but he has talents that could keep him alive. 16 years old, of medium height and stocky build, with ashy blond hair that falls in waves over his forehead.

Gale Hawthorne

Best friend to Katniss; Gale and Katniss met while hunting. He’s a year older than Katniss, but seems older since he’s been taking care of his mother & younger siblings since the mining explosion that killed both his and Katniss’s fathers. He’s very handsome and popular, but likes to spend his time with Katniss. 18 years old with straight black hair, olive skin and gray eyes.

Haymitch Abernathy

Known to most of District 12 for his drunkenness, Haymitch is their only Hunger Games victor. As victor, Haymitch is the mentor to the new tributes, Katniss & Peeta. It is his job to train the tributes while they are in the Capitol, and get them sponsors during the Games. He’s well-known for drunkenly falling off the stage during the reaping.

Effie Trinket

The District 12 escort responsible for Katniss Everdeem and Peeta Mallerck. Effie is present in the District 12 tributes journey from drawing the tributes names in the reaping to escorting them to the Capitol to participate in the Games and later escorting Katniss and Peeta on their victory tour through all the districts. Effie is described as the typical Capitol resident who is overly concerned with proper manners, and perfection.


New to the Hunger Games, Cinna is Katniss’s stylist. Admired for his designs, Cinna is a hit at the 74th Hunger Games. Unlike most citizens of the Capitol, Cinna is not a fan of body modifications, much to the relief of Katniss. His only modification is gold eyeliner used to bring out the gold flecks in his green eyes. Lucky for Katniss, Cinna chose her as his tribute.


Peeta’s stylist for the Games, Portia & Cinna shared a vision for their tributes.


A member of Katniss’s prep team, Venia is identified by her aqua hair and gold facial tattoos.


The male member of Katniss’s prep team, he is identified by his orange corkscrew hair and purple lipstick.


The third member of Katniss’s prep team. She’s a plump woman with skin dyed a pale pea green.


An athletic woman, Atala is the head trainer for the Hunger Games.

President Snow

President of the districts of Panem. A small, thin man with paper-white skin.

Seneca Crane

Head Gamemaker of the 74h Hunger Games, responsible for planning & designing the arena.

Ceasar Flickerman

The face of the Hunger Games, Ceasar has conducted the interviews with the tributes and victors for more than forty years and has remained virtually unchanged.

Claudius Templesmith

The legendary announcer of the Hunger Games.


A previous tribute from District 6, Titus went savage during his Hunger Games. The Gamemakers had to stun him with electric guns to collect his kills before he could cannibalize them.


The female tribute from District 11, she reminds Katniss of her younger sister, Prim. She has black hair, dark brown eyes, and brown skin. Rue is the youngest tribute at the age of 12. She manages to get a 7 during the private training session in spite of her small size. After helping Katniss during the Games, they become allies.


The male tribute from District 11. He’s very large and has brown skin and dark brown eyes. We don’t see Thresh much during the Games until he saves Katniss from being carved up by Clove.


The female tribute from District 5, we never find out her real name. She’s known for her cunning and sneakiness. She survives through most of the Games by hiding, stealing and watching her competition.


The male tribute from District 1. He was strong and ruthless, until he decided to kill Rue. Out of anger and pain, Katniss kills him without a second thought.


The female tribute from District 1. She tried to bring a poisoned ring into the arena, only to have it excluded. She is one of the Career tributes.


The male tribute from District 2. He’s rather vicious and has an anger problem. During the Games he seems to favor the sword as his weapon, but he’s willing to improvise. He’s one of the last tributes standing.


The female tribute from District 2. Clove has a vicious streak and seems to enjoy the violence & mayhem. She is one of the Career tributes.

Greasy Sae

A local vendor in the Hob located in District 12. She sells hot soup and often trades with Katniss and Gale with their kills from their hunt. After District 12 is destroyed by the bombing, she goes to live in District 13 and works as a chef.

Mayor Undersee

The mayor of District 12, he lived with his wife and daughter Made. His sister in law was Maysilee Donnor was killed in the 50th Hunger Games.

Madge Undersee

Katniss friend, and daughter of District 12’s mayor. Madge goes to see Katniss right before she leaves to go to the Capitol for the hunger games and gives her a gold “mockingjay” pin to represent District 12. Madge and her family do not survive the bombing of District 12.

Delly Cartwright

A classmate of Peeta and Katniss. She friendly to everyone and smiles constantly. She’s only mentioned as an excuse for why Katniss knew the redheaded Avox.


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